SAGE Canada

Web Design, UX


The Opportunity

SAGE Canada is an organization offering a youth entrepreneurship program. While the organization has a dedicated team and a growing community of students and mentors, their existing website was not helping them to reach their full potential.

When we first encountered SAGE’s website it lacked clarity. As a first-time visitor to the website it was hard to even tell what the entrepreneurship program entails, who is eligible, and how one can apply. Because of this, students don’t understand what SAGE can do for them and how easy it is for them to get involved. We took on the challenge of redesigning the SAGE website.

The Solution

Our research led us to identify some of the largest painpoints for students while using the website. Right off the bat it was clear that students didn’t feel the website reflected what SAGE actually had to offer—a free program open to all high school students in Canada. When students arrived on the website we needed to streamline their journey from interest, to understanding, to engagement. In order to complete this journey, students needed to be able to engage through an online application form.

The design simply needed to provide students with inspiration to get started and a clear outline of how their goals could be obtained through SAGE. We needed to shift the focus from who SAGE is and what they stand for to what they actually do and how participating can have amazing outcomes for teens.



My Role

This project was completed during my time in the immersive UX program at RED Academy, where we had the pleasure of working with SAGE Canada as our community partner. I took part in research, planning, and visual design when working on their website redesign.

Drawing from user insights brought out by our research, I worked on the site map and user flows for the new website. Working with wireframes and mid-fidelity designs done by a colleague, I developed the high-fidelity style that we then carried throughout the design. We made text big and bold so that information is immediately accessible for potential students and With SAGE’s target audience in mind, we kept copy simple and direct. We created clear timelines and listed tangible skills from the program so that potential students would be able to see how SAGE could benefit them.

The Outcome

The outcome of our redesign is an online environment that is educational, inspirational, and easy to navigate. We created high-fidelity prototypes of the desktop and mobile versions and conducted anonymous user testing throughout the process. The final results were outstanding, with one user wishing she “was still 18” so that she could partake in the SAGE program.

Our solution also included expanding the SAGE brand beyond just the high school program. By placing a focus on the community aspect of SAGE and helping build awareness within the entrepreneurial community, SAGE can continue to grow their network and influence. The SAGE team was delighted with our design, and plan to build the new website in the near future. To gain more insight into our process, see the full case study.